Thursday, 22 November 2007

New way to go to Brixham from Torquay

A new way to go to Brixham from Torquay? Well not quite yet. But bus company 'Stagecoach' have come up with an intriguing idea to speed folk between Torquay and Brixham. The proposal is to instigate a regular passenger ferry service running 365 days a year between the two towns. The firm would use catamarans or trimarans with a capacity for 144 people. It would be a direct service so wouldn't stop at Paignton. Of course there could be the rare occasion when a bad easterly gale would prohibit it from running but these times should be very infrequent in the summer at least when traffic jams in Torbay are at their worst.

An interesting point has been raised regarding the free bus fares available to senior citizens and registered disabled. Would they be able to use this facility on the ferry? Logic says they should but things don't always work by logic it has to be said.

I've long thought that fast passenger ferries over relatively modest distances have not been used enough in this country. So this plan is something I will follow with a great deal of interest.

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Mary said...

We've been planning to spend a holiday at Brixham holiday cottages. So is the route going there ok?