Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Confirmation of MSC Napoli enquiry

Following my piece on the Napoli exactly a week ago I'm pleased to confirm that Devon County Council have now formally ratified the decision to hold a public enquiry. The enquiry will not have the force of law behind it and anyboby participating in it will do so on a voluntary basis. It's hoped that evidence will be passed to the Council over the next few months preparatory to the start of the public hearings later in the year. Inevitably there have been criticisms about the handling of the Napoli incident but I really hope that those that have been in the firing line are prepared to come forward; it would also be useful if businesses and private individuals from the Branscombe area had their say. Critically the tests that have been done on the area of the fracture on the ship's hull which started the whole saga need to be brought into the public domain.

Unlike certain enquiries generated by central government (think "Hutton") I believe this one will be painstaking and thorough.

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