Sunday, 3 February 2008

Ripple of discontent at Newlyn

Please forgive the pun but the title of this entry refers to 'Ripple', the oldest fishing boat on the UK Fishing Vessel Register still sporting her original name and her fishing registry number (SS19). On 13 October I penned a piece about her loving restoration and her refloating at Newlyn. A gentleman by the name of John Lambourn has been the driving force behind the work and he has had the benefit of a rent free site on the waterfront courtesy of the Harbour Commission. Although he wants to use the facility for another fortnight we are told the Commission are very keen to get the site back to generate some income and therefore wish to evict him.

I am loathe to take sides on this one not knowing the parties concerned. However I do have a very powerful belief that every town benefits from some item of heritage from which the community can benefit and gives that particular place a sense of identity. Hence my excitement and support for the 'Ripple' project last October. It is a terrible shame to hear of acrimony here and I really hope that a sensible accommodation can be made.

Regarding another part of our nautical heritage there is a worry about the 'Kathleen and May' being sold and thus leaving Bideford in North Devon. No time to write about that now but I must blog about that sometime soon.

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Rob Hopcott said...

It would be a pity to see the Kathleen and May go. It has become such a part of Bideford, especially during the Folk Festival week.