Friday, 22 February 2008

Tom Daley in Olympic Team

Readers of this blog will realise that I don't have much interest in sport and this applies to this year's Olympic Games in China as well. And don't get me started on London 2012, expect a few rants over the months and years to come on that particular subject. But on the other side of the coin I'm always pleased to record local sporting achievement, more so when it is what is normally a minority interest sport that is being discussed.

So step forward 13 year old Tom Daley, a Devon diver, who has qualified for the British Olympic team. When the Games begin he will be a little over 14 and will be the youngest British competitor ever. I've seen him interviewed on TV and he comes across as being very likeable and self assured. All the best of luck to him.

It can sound as if I'm very negative about sport but that's not really true. Those who are keen and talented should be encouraged; it's just that I've never been personally that keen and certainly not talented! Ball games have always been a no-no for me but I used to enjoy PE at school and much later in life I have run in a few marathons and shorter road races, just to prove I could(!).

I think that some of my antipathy towards professional sport today derives from the (watch my language here) obscene amounts of money and celebrity culture associated with it. So don't expect too much commentary on sport from this blog!

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