Friday, 29 February 2008

Napoli inquiry launch date

Following my previous entries regarding a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the MSC Napoli affair Devon County Council have issued a press release. There's a good deal of information in it and you can access it here. Much to much for me to repeat but I'll just mention one or two things. Initially the Council want to amass as much evidence and people's experiences as possible. The press release indicates how individuals can submit to the inquiry which can be in writing rather than them being physically present at the hearing. To publicise the whole thing the Council is going to officially launch the inquiry next Tuesday at Branscombe.

One other point: this press notice doesn't I think suggest that the reason(s) for the original Napoli damage prior to her crew's rescue would form part of the inquiry. However I would like to think that someone from the Marine Investigation Branch will attend and give evidence.

It's good to get on with this preliminary stuff. It shouldn't be long now before what's left of the ship is removed from its present resting place.

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