Friday, 29 February 2008

'' is now back up

In my blog for last Monday I had hinted that perhaps Piers Corbyn, the maverick weatherman, might have given up on his business in view of his very bad predictions of late. This thought had been ignited by the fact that he didn't appear to be using his domain name any longer for his 'Weatheraction' business. So no more entries for Piers, I could spend more time on other stories. How naive I am because he is back now and his current home page is here. My guess is that he had just forgotten to renew his domain name registration.

Having produced a very detailed forecast for January (which was about 95% wrong!) we then got a very slim version of his predictions for February. On his present homepage Piers says "Feb was indeed a month of 'dramatic contrasts of both bitter winter blasts and bursts of Spring', as we forecast" Piers old chap it's ridiculous to pat yourself on the back with such a vague statement, the more important fact is that your forecast of a significant storm mid month was as far from reality as anything could be.

What I am pleased to note is that the 'Weatheraction' homepage now has a much improved and cleaner look than it used to. I won't take any credit for that but I have complained before about the unprofessional appearance it once had. Whilst I can understand your desire to keep your most detailed forecasts out of general public view as they bring in revenue for you I do hope that you are still prepared to put some of your stuff into the freely available public domain.

I would be very happy to publish any notable successes you have with your technique should I become aware of any! I can't say fairer than that.

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