Saturday, 7 June 2008

Butterfly orchids in flower

To things botanical for this posting. We took the opportunity yesterday evening to visit some folk we know in the Tamar Valley who have a sizeable amount of land, this being managed with conservation very much in mind. The reason that this particular couple wanted us to come now is that they have over 100 butterfly orchids in flower! To be a little more specific they are the greater butterfly orchids rather than the 'lesser' variety. We were also very excited to have a number of purple helleborines pointed out to us although it's way too early for these to be in flower.

Whilst on the subject of flowers the Tamar Valley is a good place to see the very striking purple toothwort in Spring. An image of this parasitic flower can be seen here And away from Devon and Cornwall a brother in Herefordshire has seen the increasingly rare corn cockle in the middle of Leominster of all places! It's amazing what turns up where so far as flowers are concerned.

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