Monday, 23 June 2008

Stoat seen on afternoon walk

If, like me, you (a) enjoy walking and (b) have a passionate love for the countryside then as likely as not you will have a favourite ramble or two which you might want to keep secret other than maybe sharing with one or two special friends. Yesterday was bright but still breezy after a damp Saturday (not ideal for the annual Albaston Fete) and we decided on one of our special walks after lunch. No I'm not going to say exactly where it was! Somewhere in the Tamar Valley is as specific as I'm going to be. One of the special qualities of at least part of this walk is its absolute timelessness, I could well imagine it looking and feeling the same half a century or more ago when I was a child. In this fast changing world being able to go somewhere and not be assailed by intrusions of the twenty first century is to us something very valuable and well worth cherishing. In fact it's important for anyone who wants to escape the stresses of modern day life, even if only temporarily.

However yesterday it wasn't only the walk itself that gave us the expected pleasure it was the sighting of a stoat with its conspicuous black tipped tail popping in and out of the hedgebank that enthralled us. It then skipped across the lane and we saw it again in a little open area before it disappeared from view behind a hedge.

Even if we hadn't seen this stoat the walk would have been immensely pleasing; seeing this mammal though really was 'the icing on the cake'!

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