Sunday, 29 June 2008

The huge Wurlitzer at Organ Stop Pizza

Following on from my blog about the reopening of the Tivoli in Tiverton I couldn't resist adding this video of the magnificent Wurlitzer Organ at 'Organ Stop Pizza' in Mesa, USA. The extremely tenuous connection between the two is the fact that in some of the larger cinemas (rather bigger than the Tivoli I guess) a theatre organ would rise phoenix like through the floor with the organist playing during the interval. Or so my late parents were fond of telling us but frustratingly I was never able to witness this myself. However at this eating house in the States the clientele can witness this wonderful wurlitzer organ rising from below the floor and descending after the performance, as seen here (thanks Robin for pointing me in the right direction regarding this organ). There are several other videos on YouTube taken at 'Organ Stop Pizza', some more featuring this unnamed lady, others showing the prowess of Lew Williams. With four manuals, a pedal board (watch her feet moving) and thousands of stops and controls it should satisfy any organist.

I have to say that I have no plans on the horizon to visit America but should I ever find myself in Arizona would love to visit 'Organ Stop Pizza'!

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