Saturday, 14 June 2008

Democracy rules OK

We in common with many other countries in the World supposedly live in a democracy. The problem is that no nation state can operate a perfect democratic system. Of late there have been many assaults on our 'rights' as citizens of this country. So the historical events of the last day or two I find particularly heartening.

Yesterday the result was announced of the referendum in Ireland regarding the Lisbon Treaty. Thank you, thank you you Irish folk for your 'no' vote. Like I suspect the majority I don't understand the ins and outs of the European Constitution (and this is what we are talking about here) but my gut instinct is that we have already gone too far down the integration route. The thing is that the different countries making up the European Union are vastly different in the way they run their affairs, for instance some are monarchies, some are republics. You could never get a superstate in a format agreeable to everyone. Not in a million years. The very fact that Ireland alone has had to have a referendum just illustrates the differences that exist between the different states in Europe. One thing is for sure and that is I wouldn't trust our politicians for a moment regarding Europe, let's not forget Labour reneging on their promise for a referendum.

Regarding the David Davis resignation I have to say I admire his stance. He made some very interesting comments when interviewed on the 'Today' programme. One of these was the fact that the matter he is particularly concerned about i.e. the erosion of our rights in this country is one that is not getting the in depth attention that it merits. His critics are saying the democratic process has been enacted regarding the 42 days thing and that he should just accept the vote. Like heck he should! At the moment we are being confronted with such a plethora of issues that we are failing to see just how are liberties are being eaten away. Davis is absolutely right to point out that the spotlight has to be turned onto the whole business of our individual liberty and he feels that the only way he can do this is by resigning as an MP and forcing a by-election. He admits to having an ego but points out that all MPs have one to a greater or lesser extent. To those who attack his stance I would merely point out that he is risking (a very low risk admittedly) his position as an MP and also the possibility or even probability of becoming the Home Secretary in the next administration. It's fascinating to note that whereas many in the mainstream media are pouring cold water on his decision he is getting a lot of support from people out in the real world. At the moment it looks as if the former editor of 'The Sun', Kelvin MacKenzie,will be the main opposition to Davis in the by-election, certainly if Gordon Brown lacks the courage to get Labour to challenge for the seat. We know which side 'The Sun' is on but who will the rest of the Press support?

One thing for sure is that I now know in which county the constituency of 'Haltemprice and Howden' lies!

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