Monday, 2 June 2008

Rest of Britain may ban cigarette displays

My last piece was about Scotland's decision to instruct traders to hide their cigarettes under the counter even though these products are perfectly legal to sell to adults. Now it seems that there is to be a consultation period after which the open display of cigarettes could be banned in the rest of Britain. I've just looked in my 'Yellow Pages' to see 5 businesses listed under 'Tobacconists - Retail'. What are they and all the general stores selling cigarettes supposed to do if a ban is implemented? Who will police all of this? To me such a law would be an infringement of human rights both for the shopkeeper and smoker, it would be great if this could be tested in the courts. As a non smoker I would love to see more and more give up the weed and fewer people take it up but this is quite definitely not the way to go.

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