Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Obama gets nomination for Democrats

Well, it all seems to be over now - the long drawn out tussle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to get the nomination to be the contender for the Democrats in the US election in November. Thank goodness it's Obama not Clinton who has come through. Now Obama has the interesting problem of whether or not to make Clinton his vice presidential running mate - something she would relish I think.

From now on in it's Obama and McCain to fight over the ultimate prize. What is particularly interesting from a UK perspective is how our foreign policy could see a significant shift depending on which of these two becomes President. Nowhere is this more self evident than in the resolution of problems in the Middle East, particularly Iraq. We have McCain for instance quite happy for western forces to remain in that troubled country for decades to come whereas Obama can't wait to get out of there. It would surely be unthinkable for the UK to maintain a presence there if Obama won and pulled the American troops. And Obama one would imagine would be less likely to go on a military expedition in the first place.

What happens on the other side of the pond in a few months time could prove to be a truly pivotal moment in modern history.

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