Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cameron upsets some Tories

So David Cameron upset a few of his own side yesterday when he made it clear that should he become Prime Minister following the General Election he will NOT hold a referendum regarding the Lisbon Treaty. This all goes back to his piece in 'The Sun' ages ago and his "cast iron" guarantee. There was a link to this on someones blog which I read earlier today and I have to say that to me at least his phrasing is a little ambiguous. This leads to the age old problem that people will make their own construct from the words they read to suit their own agenda.

Realistically I suppose it was never on that one could have a sort of retrospective referendum, for better or worse the deal is done. My thinking is that we have gone more than far enough down the Federal Europe route. After Brown took over from Blair there was an attempt by a Tory backbencher to introduce a Bill whereby any legislation enacted in this country that had its origin in Brussels would have that fact stated in said legislation. Labour had the whips out on that one to make absolutely certain it would not make headway, a disgrace in my honest opinion. Cameron should ensure that such a proposal goes into the Conservative Manifesto.

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