Sunday, 15 November 2009

Genuine remorse about North Tawton graffiti

My last entry was all about apologies, now I'm off again about someone saying sorry but in a much more local context. This is all centred on the Parish Church of St Peter in North Tawton. The village between Okehampton and Crediton and in the heart of Devon has its church featured in the 'Jam and Jerusalem' comedy show but it was the all to real graffiti scrawled on its walls and gravestones that has caused me to write this piece.

How the three responsible for this crime (two girls and one boy, all teenagers) were discovered I don't know but they all viewed the prospect of going to court and getting a criminal record. A different outcome though has emerged. The three of them all showed genuine remorse for their actions apparently and spent considerable time removing the offending graffiti. What pleased me even more was the fact that they had to face the church's congregation this morning and apologise for their behaviour as part of their punishment. This it seems has brought closure on this episode for everybody. I guess that they worried and sweated a bit beforehand, all part of the punishment I say.

Many criminal acts of course get committed without any subsequent regret. But in this sort of situation with genuine remorse I think a really good end result has materialised.

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