Thursday, 19 November 2009

Heather Brooke: Reformer of the Year

The think-tank 'Reform' have enabled online voting for anyone interested to decide who should be 'Political Reformer of the Year 2009'. With a landslide the winner was ... Heather Brooke, the lady whose tenacity got the ball rolling over the misuse of public money by many of our MPs. In other words it was her perseverance initially that won the right to get details of MPs expenses out into the public domain.

Well done Heather from me for not giving up when the going got tough. I think I have said before that it is a fascinating fact how even now one determined individual can create such a seismic change in an institution or in the way we live. I dare say most people will remember the revelations in 'The Daily Telegraph' about the way Parliamentarians have milked the system but perhaps not be aware that without Heather's work these matters just wouldn't have come to light. Hence this blogpost to remind folk about what Heather achieved.

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