Monday, 16 November 2009

Edward Woodward dies aged 79

This is not the sort of news item that I would normally add to this blog: actor Edward Woodward has died in hospital in Truro aged 79. I gather that he had been ill for a while. The reason that I have singled out his passing is that he and his second wife actress Michele Dotrice once had a home in this parish, the former Calstock Rectory. Latterly they have lived near Padstow and I think that they really took Cornwall to their hearts although Edward originally hailed from the south east, Croydon I believe.

I never knowingly met Edward or Michelle when they lived nearby but I'm told how ordinary and straightforward they were. Edward Woodward will be remembered for his incredible versatility in a variety of roles both live in the theatre and on screen. Although as I say I didn't know him everything points to him having been a thoroughly decent human being and family man. Now he can rest in peace.

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