Monday, 16 November 2009

First Christmas Card arrives

Today saw my first Christmas Card land on the doormat! Not only did it come via Royal Mail it was from Royal Mail! When I first opened it I thought to myself that this was a bit expensive if everyone was going to receive something similar. Reading it properly though I realised it was advising of the extra services they are providing this Christmas and also the last posting days for the different sorts of mail to ensure arrival in time for the day. Interestingly the envelope containing the card had a second class franking mark on the front, I suppose one bit of Royal Mail is paying another bit for the delivery!!

Anyway well done Royal Mail for being innovative with dispensing this important information regarding collections/deliveries over Christmas. I can't remember if they did something similar last year but now I've blogged regarding this card today I've got something to refer back to when my memory fails me in 12 months time!

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