Saturday, 7 November 2009

Seem to be fewer fireworks this year

The evening isn't over yet so I mustn't count my chickens but there do seem to be fewer fireworks this year around here. Looking out of the bathroom window the noisiest seem to be coming from the direction of a family who I call "the usual suspects" when it comes to fireworks! Yesterday evening I was in a building whose location and thick walls would have insulated us from any explosions so I don't know what it was like back home in my village. Perhaps the wet weather plus the recession has (literally) put a dampener on proceedings.

Having just typed this the aforementioned noisy near neighbours have just left off a few more rockets. I know this usually happens - they let off a few bangers, all goes quiet for quite a few minutes and you think they have finished and then off they go again!! For the sake of people's pets I just hope that tonight is the end of it until the usual mayhem seeing in the New Year.

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