Monday, 20 August 2007

Ann Widdecombe versus prostitution

I don't watch that much TV these days but last week there were some programmes that seemed as if if they would be particularly interesting. In my paper last Wednesday I saw advertised "Ann Widdecombe versus prostitution". Now what I like about Ann is that she does what MPs should do: she goes out to look at situations from the sharp end, in fact I had praised her back on 20th January about an earlier programme of hers.

This time she was looking at the social problems posed by prostitution. She visited Peterborough (it could of been any one of hundreds of other places) and talked to a family in a perfectly respectable neighbourhood who were being plagued by girls plying their trade in the road outside. She also built up a rapport with one prostitute who, surprise surprise, was 'on the game' to fund her drug habit. Now if memory serves me right Ann Widdecombe is single and a catholic and it was obvious that what she saw was very alien to her sort of world. But bravo to her for her campaign looking at some of this country's social problems - I believe this is the first of a series.

Personally I think the laws on the oldest profession are in a mess and are unsatisfactory for everyone. Maybe organised brothels will prove to be the answer.

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