Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Diana memorial service

There's been much talk of late in certain circles about Camilla not now attending the memorial service on Friday to Diana. Not a subject that I'm particularly interested in but I do wish to make a comment all the same: why this obsession to hold a memorial service in the first place? Yes I can accept the feeling that Princes William and Harry have for their late mother. Of course I can. But Diana's life ended 10 years ago. We do have to move on now. The other point is that setting this thing up and then inviting Camilla was inevitably going to cause problems - there's been some appallingly bad judgment and advice here.

I wonder too about the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. It had I understand a lot of problems initially but I haven't heard anything lately, maybe it's behaving itself now! But in another ten years will it be seen as money well spent? H'm I am a bit doubtful about that.

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