Thursday, 23 August 2007

Penhallow Hotel fire - 3 deaths confirmed

When I blogged about the horrendous fire that destroyed the Penhallow Hotel in Newquay at the weekend I had hoped that the then two people missing might still turn up. Sadly that was not to be. Fire and police investigators at the site have found the remains of human bones in two separate locations in the rubble. The police are treating the area as a serious crime scene: this doesn't mean that the fire was the result of any sort of crime necessarily, I think it is an indication of the obvious seriousness of the event and that the most thorough and detailed forensic investigation is taking place.

Understandably when there have been fatalities one forgets those who have been injured. Well there is good news on that front - the four of those hurt who had to be hospitalised are said to be improving.

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