Thursday, 9 August 2007

National Trust to buy Godolphin House

In 1999 the National Trust bought 580 acres of the Godolphin Estate lying just to the south of Leedstown in West Cornwall. Now the Trust are purchasing the Grade One listed Godolphin House from the Schofield family.

The house goes back to about 1475 and as its name implies was once the home of the famous Godolphin family who built up their wealth via the tin mining industry. Not only is the house of great interest but the inclusion in the purchase of the garden is of equal importance as it is considered to be one of the best historical gardens around.

We are absolutely blessed with fine gardens in Cornwall and it is great news that this one has been added to the National Trust's portfolio. I have to admit that I have never visited the Godolphin Estate, let alone the House while it has been in the Schofield ownership. Maybe a few days holiday in that part of Cornwall would be nice when I can afford it.

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