Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank holiday weather

Here we have had a very mixed bag of weather over the bank holiday weekend. Today has been overcast and windy but relatively dry. Yesterday turned out to be warm and sunny especially in the afternoon and it was a good opportunity to play catch up in the garden. I'm always amazed at just how quickly everything grows at this time of year, in fact I wish I could slow the clock down because in the local lanes the bluebells are fading and the tall fronds of bracken together with cleavers (or goose grass) are starting to dominate. That lovely soft green on our deciduous trees has already darkened to the more sombre shade of summer. It's nice to note that the irises in my pond have started to flower and I'm hoping once again to see some dragonflies emerge before too long.

I have never felt an overwhelming desire to travel much on a bank holiday and am therefore lucky not to be so bothered by the vagaries of the weather as some folk are.

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