Monday, 12 May 2008

Glorious weekend for Ten Tors and Transat

How incredibly different successive years can be! In 2007 the country enjoyed one of its best Aprils ever weather wise. Then in May it all started going downhill with the Ten Tors Trek on Dartmoor being (wisely) abandoned. Fast forward to this year to a cool dampish April but then a much improved early May. Last month was a little depressing because once the clocks change to British Summer Time I think in terms of turning the heating off and spending more time outside. However on reflection I'm pleased that April wasn't particularly warm because it's just possible that the disappointing weather may have inhibited the development of the midges that spread the devastating bluetongue disease. The good news here is that the vaccine is now available to combat it. Hopefully our farmers will win the race against time to protect their stock.

It has been a nice warm weekend here and I've been able to do some catch up on the garden I'm pleased to say. Although we didn't have any of the threatened thundery showers I gather that there was one such in the Fowey area yesterday afternoon. This year's 'Ten Tors' was highly successful and the weather was kind for spectators in the Plymouth area to watch the 'Transat', the once every four years single handed yacht race across the Atlantic.

At the moment it looks as if there will be a thundery breakdown of this pleasing weather during the second half of the week. Let's hope that it just a temporary blip. Surely this summer can't be as bad as the last!

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