Saturday, 24 May 2008

Calstock singers on top form again

This is the weekend of the Calstock Festival and, as happened last year, one event has been a top rate concert by the Calstock Singers and 'Under the Fingers' . They performed yesterday evening at the 'Peterloo Poets' venue, one of the village's former Methodist Churches. I was with three friends from my village together with a friend of one of these, on holiday from Buckinghamshire.

The only problem I have in reviewing these concerts is that it is easy to run out of superlatives; it has to be stated though that this isn't just a case of supporting local performers, many of whom I know, and as a result letting personal bias cloud my judgment. No this was absolutely top quality accessible entertainment all for the princely sum of £5 that included a complimentary glass of wine. As usual there was that easy informality and gentle humour that adds so much to such an event. The theme this time was a 'World Tour' including music and song from such diverse locations as France, Spain, Russia, Africa, Australia and America! It's a given I suppose that one's appreciation of so much music can be very dependant on how it's arranged and then presented on the day. Well last night they really excelled in that department as the arrangements certainly matched the enormous abilities of the performers.

Thinking back it's quite difficult to find a favourite out of the 28 items on the programme but if I have to single out one in particular it would be 'Tico Tico' led by Nicola on the xylophone. No professionals could have done it better and certainly it drew enormous applause. Nicola, I think you might be getting requests to play it again in the local pub sessions! But all the others were excellent. Mention must be made of Pauline, Rosie and Richard who between them did most of the talking bits introducing the different items.

Ladies and Gentlemen it was once again a fabulous evening! Thank you very much! I think we have to wait now till Christmas for the next concert from these remarkably talented people.

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