Thursday, 8 May 2008

Revelling in the May Revels at Calstock

On Monday we went to the Calstock May Revels. Centrepiece of the activities is the procession through the village led by a very friendly giant with children dancing and musicians playing. Later in the evening the giant boards a boat to sail down the Tamar to we know not where. In front of the village hall some of the village's children performed a mummers play and a little later in the evening it was into the Tamar Inn to enjoy Cornish music and songs led by the Rubber Band and friends. There was also some Cornish dancing and non Cornish music as well. One of the highlights for us was Jack's impeccable rendition of "Here's to the Barley Mow" after a drink or two!

I have to say that for someone such as myself very sensitive to traditional events in local communities paid entertainment provided by highly rated professionals just doesn't compare to what we enjoyed. Although rain had threatened the weather was good for the procession and play and with the tide right in Calstock was looking at its very best.

Annual events like this one and Obby Oss day at Padstow strike a strong emotional chord with me. Next year I must try and get some photos, words simply can't describe the fantastic atmosphere that evening.

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