Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A birthday invitation leads to a wonderful day

Nearly a week ago, last Friday to be precise, was the date of my 65th birthday. This was celebrated very quietly with my best friend inviting me round for a meal in her cottage. I've never been one for splashing out on a do for my own special day - I shared number sixty with my family it's true but this is the exception to prove the rule. Besides I've seen garages with more floor area than my tiny Cornish cottage and anymore than two guests would constitute overcrowding! In a nutshell I would have to hire the Public Hall in our village or some such venue but I'm not sufficiently extrovert anyway to want this for myself.

However ... when someone you particularly like kindly invites you to celebrate their birthday with them (and it was one of the significant ones) then yes I would be very happy indeed to join in. So on Sunday we met up with about 60 people for Lorna's special day. I should explain that there weren't 60 people all in one place at the same time because Lorna had spread the celebration through the day starting with a mid morning to mid afternoon visit to the wonderful attraction of Morwellham Quay on the banks of the Tamar. This was a very relaxing few hours and included time in the reconstructed Victorian school which was both entertaining and thought provoking as the school's mistress explained how harsh things were back then.

In the evening it was round to Ted and Lorna's home for an informal get-together with some wonderful food, enjoyable conversation and live music (!) courtesy of 'Doc 'n' Ted'. This very congenial gathering coupled with the walk earlier in the day at Morwellham was a super way to share a special day. As I said before it's not the sort of event I would want for myself but we both felt very privileged to be invited and then to have had such an enjoyable time. Our hosts had gone to great trouble to ensure the day would be a great one for everybody, they even arranged for the threatened rain to stay away at the critical time!

Thanks Ted and Lorna for a really memorable day.

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