Saturday, 17 May 2008

Gordon Brown visits the two counties

I know that this is slightly stale news now but the event was so unexpected that it's worth recording on this blog. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has visited Cornwall and Devon! It happened toward the end of last week, part of Mr Brown's attempt to connect with the electorate it would seem. First he went to the Eden Project - he said he had always wanted to do this. H'm the sceptic in me says I don't really believe him, more a case of trying to look interested in the environment I would have thought. Then he moved on to visit Plymouth and Exeter. My guess is he wants to appear the statesman by going to one or two of the regions and escape from the hothouse of the Westminster Village; he has had quite a mauling from the media and local government electors of late and perhaps his minders felt that some Westcountry air would be the perfect tonic!

But was it anymore than a photo-op I wonder. Has he gone back with any real sense of the problems faced by the two counties? Doubtful I would have thought.

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