Monday, 12 May 2008

Cherie Blair needs to shut up

So Cherie Blair has been scribbling her memoirs. As indeed have both John Prescott and Lord Levy with theirs. These people just cannot wait can they. The embattled Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is in the firing line from all three of them in different ways and for once I almost feel sorry for him. It is a sign of the times I am afraid that money is all and it doesn't matter to these authors that damaging revelations can make the position of a weak Premier even more intolerable. But it's not the Brown thing that's really getting my goat. No it's the revelation that you can read here about the accidental conception of the Blair's youngest child Leo. Will Leo thank his Catholic mother that his arrival wasn't planned (and the World knows all about it) all because Cherie didn't have contraceptives with her when the Blairs were staying with the Queen at Balmoral?

Being discreet about certain matters appears to be an old fashioned concept. Sadly the Cherie Blairs of this world are seen to be lacking in this virtue.

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