Saturday, 17 May 2008

Rain causes change of plan

For my sins I am the programme secretary for our local history group. During the summer we have three outdoor events instead of the monthly talks that take place for the rest of the year. Now as anyone who has experience of organising anything outside during a British summer will know you are very much at the mercy of the elements. There was a time when I always seemed to be fortunate with the weather but that luck seems to be deserting me! The intention today was for a walk from Minions on Bodmin Moor led by Dave from English Heritage looking at some of the amazing historical and archaeological remains in the area. We were aiming to head west from Minions on this walkabout and if you know the area then you will realise that the opportunity for shelter is absolutely zero! Throw in an absolutely foul weather forecast and there was no sensible option other than to postpone this visit to another day. This particular walk had already been put off from last summer as a result of that season's sogginess, so it's third time lucky maybe in 2009! One bonus I suppose of this inclement weather is that I can now catch up with some blogging.

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