Tuesday, 11 March 2008

BBC need to sack Jeremy Clarkson

Way back in December 2006 I wrote about the misuse of the 999 system. I also made the point in that piece about our police force having a bit of a blitz on people using mobiles while driving. And that led me to mention Jeremy Clarkson of 'Top Gear' infamy who sees absolutely nothing wrong in that practice. Now it's one thing being an idiot, another being a very dangerous idiot. I'm raising this matter now because a picture of Clarkson with a mobile phone to his ear whilst allegedly driving at 70 mph in his Mercedes was shown to me in today's Daily Mirror. To be honest I have seen Clarkson do a couple of non motoring programmes on the box and do a good job. But my rant is about him on 'Top Gear'. Even if 99.999% of viewers ignore his stupidity on that programme that still leaves a significant number of impressionable people who might try and copy his irresponsible behaviour. I'm not asking him to be politically correct (I don't like PC myself). However the BBC is paid for by the public and should not be tacitly condoning his dangerous attitudes to driving.

The BBC now needs to have the guts to show him the door.

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