Thursday, 6 March 2008

Cornwall celebrates St Piran's Day

Yesterday the fifth of March was St Piran's Day. For those not in the know St Piran is perhaps the most prominent of Cornwall's many saints. According to legend St Piran was born in Ireland in the 6th century. He evidently fell out with the authorities over there because they tied a millstone round his neck according to one version of the story and heaved him over the cliff. This did not lead to his demise because he floated on the millstone across the sea to Cornwall to land near Perranporth. Not quite sure that I totally believe in this sequence of events! His flag of a white cross (representing Cornish tin) on a black background is the 'national' flag for Cornwall. During the day there are processions and music in different parts of the County; at Delaware School near here the children dance on that day, thanks I believe to Rosie's patient tuition. Needless to say it was always a day with plenty of alcohol consumption taking place!

A petition, now closed, had been put up on the Downing Street website to make 5th March a bank holiday for Cornwall. I would be quite happy to see that date substituted for the early May bank holiday if the powers that be thought that we shouldn't have an additional day off. I believe that having a bank holiday related to one's local culture can only be a good thing but I'm not holding my breath that anything will happen.

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