Monday, 17 March 2008

'Commoners Muck' play in my pub.

Today is St Patrick's Day; I don't have any Irish blood in me so it's not a fact I would normally mention on this blog. However I believe that David, landlord of a local pub, does have some Irish connection and he usually organises a celebration on or near the day. In this instance he arranged an evening of Irish music on Saturday played by Tavistock based band 'Commoners Muck' who happen to be on 'MySpace' here so that you can see who they are and listen to them playing a couple of samples of their music. It was a very pleasant evening but the small pub was quite crowded for the event and with fire lit and windows closed I was happy to get a blast of fresh air every time someone came in through the door!

They had played here before but I had always missed them. A couple of friends, Bill and Leslie, had recommended them and I was pleased to share their company for an enjoyable evening's entertainment.

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