Thursday, 20 March 2008

A sensible question at PMQs

Sometimes on a Wednesday lunchtime I will watch Prime Ministers Questions (or PMQs for short). Not yesterday though because as I have just blogged I was out in the fresh air. By going to the 'Politics' page on the BBC News website it is possible to see a summary of the various matters raised during that half hour. It is easy to get preoccupied with the exchanges between Brown and Cameron and Brown and Clegg, good knockabout stuff maybe but all to do with points scoring. So it is always a relief when someone asks a jolly sensible question and at this PMQs there was one that was certainly worth airing.

Thank you then to Tory MP Robert Goodwill who I have just discovered represents Scarborough and Whitby. In essence he asked the PM why someone given a driving ban and then sent to prison for something else can use that time in prison towards the time they are banned from driving. Now I've noticed this before when someone gets a prison sentence say for dangerous driving but the length of the ban is incorporated in the time they are in gaol and have always thought "how ridiculous - that ban means nothing". What infuriates me is that this type of obvious anomaly hadn't previously been spotted. Well done to Mr Goodwill for putting this in the public arena.

I don't have any strong allegiance to any political party being more interested in the worth of the individual MP. Robert Goodwill has a website here which is clear and user friendly. I'm particularly pleased to see that he is an MP who is connected with his area rather than someone parachuted in from afar and has a background in agriculture as well. From what I can see one of our better MPs.

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