Saturday, 29 March 2008

Tom Daley and the 2008 Olympic Games

It was back in February that I noted Plymouth diving sensation Tom Daley being selected for the 2008 Olympic Games in China. What made this item so newsworthy is the fact that Tom will be only 14 when he takes to the diving board at the Games. At the time of my original blog I assumed I was right in agreeing with the media in general that he would be the youngest person ever to compete from the UK. Not so apparently, I think a girl swimmer from the distant past has that honour.

A few days ago Tom added to his haul of medals with a gold in the European Championships at Eindhoven. Tom is doing his best to dampen expectations for this year's Olympics but wouldn't it be great if he was in the medals! He has intimated that the event will be used as good experience for London 2012.

This might be a good moment to express one or two thoughts from this non sporting blogger on the China Olympics:
  • One positive from the Olympic Games jamboree is that various sports not really in the mainstream, such as diving, get showcased.
  • It's in a few minority interest sports that this country tends to shine rather than the better known ones such as football or cricket.
  • The upcoming Olympics is focusing extra attention on China particularly its poor human rights record. Of course it's the unrest in annexed Tibet which is making headlines now.
  • The air pollution problems in the area where the Games are to be held are a headache for the authorities and expect further stories about this to be broadcast.

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