Monday, 24 March 2008

Helston Flora Dancers named

Following the rant in my last piece time to calm down a little methinks. So here is a nice gentle news story. The names of the lead couple at this year's Helston Flora Dance has been announced! I have to admit that I have yet to go to Helston to watch the event which is held on May 8th a week after Obby Oss day at Padstow. Yes I would like to see the Flora (or Furry) Dance, it's the sedate and pretty one compared with Padstow which is just full of raw energy! I have been to the latter and it is something to behold I can tell you and I can't imagine another place where you can see so many accordions, melodeons and drums! Very very stirring! Visit if you want to see video footage of either of these events.

Back to the Flora Dance in particular. There has to be some sort of committee to decide these things I guess, the first two couples in the main midday dance now know they have been selected for this honour. So the lead couple this year will be Duane Hocking and Naomi Clark, the second pair making up this first set being Robert George and Shelley Skewes. I suppose that after this foursome the remainder of the dancers will have to fight it out between themselves. Actually I shouldn't use the word 'fight', the dance is far too genteel for that!

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