Saturday, 29 March 2008

Mrs Sarkozy wearing sensible shoes

You won't normally find me commenting on what the fairer sex are wearing, partly because of the tremendous variety of clothing and footwear on offer and what is right for one lady can look awful on another. One of my aversions though is stiletto heels - it's one thing for a woman to wear shoes or boots occasionally with two or three inches of reasonably chunky heel but it's those spiky stilettos that I find really off putting. There are plenty of very smart reasonably flat shoes to choose from these days and why any woman would choose to wear stilettos all day every day is beyond my comprehension!

What has actually sparked this entry though is the visit this week of the French President and his wife to the UK. Perhaps unfortunately for a couple in the spotlight Carla Sokazy is about 4 inches taller than her husband. Whether this was the reason for her to wear either flat shoes or very low ones during the state visit so she wasn't towering too much over her husband I don't know. But to my mind she certainly looked attractive in her flat shoes and I really don't see the need to be wobbling around in bunion inducing heels.

Living here in a country area sensible footwear is to the fore. One of the good things I noticed about Dr Martens at their height of popularity was the fact that more women were combining fashion with practicality. Whereas it would be silly to say that 'docs' would suit everyone I think on the right woman they are brilliant. For those not into that make of footwear there are a plethora of alternative makes and styles which combine looks and comfort.

So well done Carla Sokazy for your choice of shoes. She has had rave reviews in the media with words like "chic" and "demure" being used a lot in relation to her dress sense and demeanour. Being the spouse of the leader of a country must be a very difficult job to take on and she appears to be taking to that very role with a degree of aplomb.

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