Wednesday, 5 March 2008

MSC Napoli inquiry started yesterday

A brief entry just to confirm that the official inquiry into the MSC Napoli events got going yesterday. This is the start of the evidence gathering part of the process, the hearings will start later. As yet the County Council hasn't officially appointed a chairman although I suspect they at least have a shortlist or even a specific person in mind.

Although what remains of 'Napoli' lying off the beach at Branscombe isn't due to be finally removed until next month she doesn't seem to be causing a problem at the moment. Local businesses, or some of them anyway, had expressed concern about the Napoli still being in evidence during the Easter holiday. Personally I think that it will be the last opportunity for many tourists to see her and I think her presence over that weekend will benefit rather than hinder the local economy. We shall soon see whether my guess is right!

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