Saturday, 10 February 2007

Finding other blogs

How do you find other blogs that might interest you? There are millions of blogs out there and no doubt some people come across a blog by chance as they are surfing the internet. But suppose you have a very specific interest and you want to see if there are any bloggers who have discussed that particular subject. Well there almost certainly is someone who has done so such is the passion people have for the total range of subjects that mankind can write about.

A few weeks back I signed up
here which is the British Bloggers Directory and currently has over 7000 blogs listed. My blog for instance can be found under 'Cornwall' and in the category 'Current Events/News'. There are plenty of other categories such as 'Personal Blogs', 'Humour', Lifestyle' ..... Another great way to find interesting blogs is to go to the Google home page and instead of clicking on 'web' move along to 'more', clicking here will give you other options including 'blogs' - very useful!

This is a facility I use because I want to see if other bloggers are writing about my subjects. It could be that I wish to leave a comment on their entry, this is the great power of blogging as it is a wonderful way to broaden my understanding and perceptions of what goes on around me. As an example I made an entry on my blog mentioning the plant 'winter heliotrope' one day. Put those words into the 'blog' part of the Google search engine and it's possible to see other entries pertaining to this flower.

To me good communication is the key to all human progress although I don't pretend to be the best person in the world at communicating. Although passionate about blogs I still think that there is no substitute for talking to someone face to face. But with the myriad number of ways we can contact each other you would think there would be less reason for misunderstandings to occur.

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Roger Thomas said...

I agree with the Google blog search, that's how I found this one over the Napoli. Searching for MSC Napoli, then finding a blog with Devon and Cornwall view, had to make it a No 1 priority to read.