Saturday, 10 February 2007

Lanreath Primary School to close

On 8 January I made an upbeat entry in this blog about the new post office in the southeast Cornwall village of Lanreath. Sadly there was a disappointing announcement concerning the village yesterday: their Church of England school is set to close this summer. The school has just 19 pupils and a government appointed schools adjudicator looked at the evidence and decided that in terms of educational viability and value for money it couldn't continue. Not surprisingly the children were all in tears when headteacher Jill Watts imparted the news.

I now feel that things are looking blacker for Chawleigh's school in Devon particularly with the larger Chulmleigh school being not too far away. Chawleigh has just 13 pupils and they must be waiting with some trepidation for their own adjudication result.

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