Sunday, 25 February 2007

An important documentary

On BBC2 tonight there will be screened a very very important programme. This is one in the sequence of 'The Conspiracy Files' and will be looking at the death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly. Last weeks programme was on 9/11 and I certainly didn't see a conspiracy by the Americans there. Incompetence yes, but no conspiracy. The David Kelly business is a totally different kettle of fish. I have read a lot about this and, like Lewes MP Norman Baker, I am absolutely convinced it was murder not suicide. I would strongly recommend reading Rowena Thursby's blog here.

There is tremendous detail in Rowena's blog but one point I want to particularly point out is this: a coroner has the power to call witnesses and to require they submit evidence under oath. I have no reason to doubt that the coroner would have done so if the Hutton enquiry hadn't effectively taken over from the inquest. Hutton didn't have those powers I've just referred to enjoyed by a coroner. Normally the coroner would have issued an interim death certificate confirming that death had taken place and the body buried while the public enquiry was taking place. Now what follows is almost unbelievable - the Coroner issues a FULL death certificate with a conclusion that Kelly committed suicide, this while Hutton was still taking evidence! And Hutton wasn't informed of this. If you wrote a novel with this sequence of events a publisher would ask you to rewrite it with a more believable storyline.

I don't have a very good sense of smell but the stench from this whole sorry saga is overwhelming.

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