Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Polkerris - have your say

Polkerris is one of the those superb little gems tucked away down the end of a lane between St Austell and Fowey on Cornwall's south coast. It is one of 14 conservation areas within Restormel District Council's jurisdiction; now the council are looking at each conservation area, performing an appraisal and inviting the public to comment. This is a new initiative and first up for consideration is Polkerris.

To read more I suggest going
here. Providing you have Adobe Reader you can download the info on Polkerris via the link on the right. The consultation period for Polkerris ends on the 5th March.

The Character Appraisal and Management Proposals for this Conservation Area runs to 42 pages. I have to say that it is a very thorough document with plenty of photographs and maps and does highlight the small number of negatives in Polkerris as well as the overwhelming number of positives.

One of the negative issues discussed is that of parking problems: unfortunately there are numerous double yellow lines and related signs to constantly remind you of the impact of the motor car. I have used the convenient car park just above the village but my normal preference would be to walk to Polkerris via the coast path from say Polridmouth; I never tire of that sudden sight one gets of the settlement as one reaches it. I'm also a huge fan of Cornish roofscapes and my approach is good from that point of view. Notwithstanding all this it has to be recognised that most visitors will just want a day on the beach and want to park as close as possible.

Time doesn't permit me to elaborate on all the matters raised in the appraisal. Suffice to say that it is an excellent read whether or not one wishes to comment. Well done Restormel!

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