Sunday, 18 February 2007

Plymouth Argyle progress in the Cup

It has to be said that I'm not a sports fanatic and that sport will seldom feature in this blog. Having said that I do take an armchair interest in Plymouth Argyle. Refreshingly they do seem to be a club that works well with now a superb manager in Ian Holloway. The secret appears to be that they are a never say die side with a great work ethic and team spirit. Everyone is valued for the part they play and financially it seems that they live within their means.

So I was very pleased yesterday when they saw off Derby in the FA Cup with a 2-0 scoreline. This means that they are in the last 8 of the competition or, put it another way, two matches away from being in the final. Whether one follows sport or not it is great to have that 'feel good' thing in your area. The draw for the next round is at lunchtime on Monday - I seem to remember it used to be immediately after the Saturday ties but in those days you didn't have live Saturday evening or Sunday matches on TV.

Returning to the Derby match Plymouth were evidently very good value for their win.

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