Thursday, 10 July 2008

Buy an apartment: the car comes free

Last Saturday I wrote about estate agents having to be more inventive in the way they do things now that there is a contraction in the housing market. I didn't expect to report on an example of an agent doing something out of the ordinary quite so soon!

What this is about is an enticement to buy a posh new apartment in Newquay. Bradleys are the estate agents concerned and they are having a day where, if you commit to purchase on that very day you will receive a new car when the completion goes through!! Depending on which apartment you go for you could become the lucky owner of a Smart car or a luxury Mercedes Benz! It's all about injecting real urgency into the sale of these expensive new properties of course and it will be interesting to see how effective all this is and what other wheezes estate agents try.

Please note that I'm not a paid publicist for any estate agent and I shan't be purchasing an apartment in Newquay. Actually I'm quite content with my existing characterful car anyway!

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