Thursday, 10 July 2008

Gordon Brown and YouTube - update

Well there you go. You pick up on a story from one of the better known political bloggers and then find that either he wasn't quite up to speed with the facts or alternatively things have just moved on since he started to run this particular item. This is all about our PM inviting people to send him a question by video and his reply using the same medium on YouTube. He has replied to at least 8(!) questions submitted and, contrary to my concerns in my entry a few days ago, he has made a reasonable fist of it. He has endeavoured to portray himself as the calm man of reason and comes over in a better light than expected. But will people come to like him? He is so much in the mire now that it would be extraordinary if he found a way back.

Going back to my earlier post is this a really good use of his time I wonder. One of his perceived failings is his apparent inability to connect with the ordinary person in the way Tony Blair did. But of course he is a very very different person to Blair - thank goodness many might say! I think it would be possible to have a reasonable sort of conversation with Brown on a good day. No it's the dithering, incompetence and lack of judgment that concerns me most about him.

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