Friday, 18 July 2008

Some sort of justice for Robert Murat

One of the main items of news yesterday was the report regarding Robert Murat receiving libel damages from the Press of £600,000. They had made allegations connecting Mr Murat with the sad disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal last year. I personally have absolute contempt for many of the national newspapers in this country (I would like to put it more strongly but unlike some blogs I refuse to use improper language when I write my pieces). It's true that the press have shown good investigative journalism in the past but in today's circulation wars anything goes and if that means destroying someones personal reputation then "tough" seems to be the attitude.

I see that after the case the solicitor for the newspapers said that they apologised for publishing false allegations and very much regretted the distress caused. Really? Very easy to get a solicitor or other spokesman to say that then it's all forgotten by their readers until the next lurid accusation. The editors ought to be humiliated by coming on TV and making their apologies in person. Although Mr Murat has been exonerated as a result of this court case a lot of the mud will stick for a long time. Do the press barons care? Of course they don't.

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