Friday, 25 July 2008

Still very few butterflies

It was ten days ago that I commented on the lack of butterflies on my buddleia and whilst I've been thoroughly enjoying its appearance fully in flower and the accompanying wonderful scent the complete lack of visiting butterflies has been very concerning. Perhaps I ought to correct that - I have had a visiting comma on one or two occasions in the last few days and attracted perhaps by the marjoram there have been a few gatekeepers about. There has been a little dampness today but we have enjoyed some really warm and sunny weather of late so no reason for the butterflies not to show themselves if around. Looking at other blogs it seems that the lack of butterflies is general and in fact all insect numbers appear to be way down this summer. Usually I expect to see a few swifts about but just haven't been seeing them. With these and other bird species being so dependant on the normal glut of insects are we going to see bird populations crashing? It's all very worrying.

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brian in the tamar valley said...

With the scarcity of butterflies at the moment I feel compelled to record a single sighting of a red admiral on the buddleia this morning. The weather is warm and sunny with little wind today - ideal butterfly conditions I would have thought.