Saturday, 5 July 2008

Excellent rendition of Tico-Tico

Tico-Tico is a super tune and this video of it being played by a flute quartet is quite amazing. Now I wouldn't normally go for a piece where there is four of one instrument and no others but this is something else - technically it seems well nigh perfect and the balance between the four of them is excellent. This very light and fast version of the tune was arranged by the gentleman flautist in the quartet, what an amazing job he has done!

I had mentioned on a previous blog post about hearing this infectious music at a concert by 'The Calstock Singers' and 'Under the Fingers'. In that instance the tune was led by Nicola on the Xylophone and it absolutely blew the audience away! Now I'm pleased to say it is being added to the repertoire of 'The Rubber Band' so one or two other instruments will be added to the mix but still I understand with the xylophone leading the way. It's not just that The Rubber Band love energetic music but their players have a terrific sense of rhythm and this one should go down a treat. Although Cornish folk music is and hopefully always will be the mainstay of their playing they have taken to including a good deal of jazz in their performances and it's really good that they are widening their horizons even more.

Hopefully Tico-Tico will be on the menu when The Rubber Band play at the Gunnislake Festival on August 2nd (and hopefully the weather will be better than today!)

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