Saturday, 5 July 2008

Tedious weather continues

We have had the odd day now and again of decent weather this summer but no really prolonged spell of sunshine. Today it's blowing a gale in the Tamar Valley, we've already had some sharp showers and more continuous rain has been forecast to come. One of the effects of this inclement weather is how (relatively) dark it can get. Fortunately for me the east facing windows to the cottage are fairly big and although tucked well down into the valley I'm not right down by the river and so get a reasonable share of any daylight that's going. It's a psychological thing I guess but knowing how short days get in the winter one feels deprived if not getting a good dollop of sun in the summer. I do have an affinity with the different seasons it's true but in the darkest days of winter always have the thought of those long lazy days of summer to come! With the amount of rain we get though I understand the desperation of those folk who jet off to foreign parts in search of warmth and sunshine.

Looking out of the window towards the woods clothing the Devon bank of the Tamar it's still looking grey and miserable. I'll do some more blogging I think.

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