Friday, 18 July 2008

"The government can pay for that"

One problem I have with this blog is that it's very easy to repeat myself such is the diversity of matters on which I want to comment. Mind you there are occasions on which this has happened deliberately on subjects about which I have a particular passion, no apologies for that. Now here is something about which I have wanted to have my say for a long time but it may not be the first occasion I've done it. "The government can pay for that". These words must have been spoken thousands of time but they are guaranteed to put my back up. Why? There is this perception by some that magically the money spent by our government doesn't come from us and that if there is something we shouldn't pay for ourselves then someone else will pay for it. But of course the money government spends comes from you and me so therefore we are paying for whatever it is.

With the variety of ways communication can take place you would think that politics would come closer to the people. It's true that in this LibDem seat I get missives from that party saying in effect "look how well we are doing, aren't we clever" or from the Tories "vote for us and we will do this, that and this for you". I'm not impressed with all this nonsense because they are controlling the interaction if you can call it that. What I want is for the politicians to talk to me on the doorstep or address a meeting in the village's public hall so I get a chance to put my own questions and get away from the awful blandness pervading everything. So going back to my first paragraph we are getting this massive disconnect between decision makers and those affected by their decisions. This might answer in part why the comment "The government can pay for that" is made.

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